Syma X500 Review: Your Perfect Drone for Travelling 2023

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Syma X500 Review:

It’s very nice packaging. The zipper case has a hard inner to protect the drone. You can store extra batteries, charger cords, and blades in the pockets. It was easy to set up, and the instructions were clear and simple to follow. The calibration is required before you can fly. This took only a few minutes. The app was easy to download to my smartphone, and I was able to take some pictures and a short video. The drone can fly relatively high and hovers in one place very well. It was charged up with batteries, and the drone returned to us without any further charge. – John

Since their introduction, beginner drones have made great strides. The current range includes many cool features that are not available on higher-end drones, despite their constant drop in price. The Syma X500 is a prime example of high-quality entry-level drones.

This is just a small sample of the features you will get with this compact drone. It has a 4K camera and 25 minutes of flight time. There’s much more, as you will see in this Syma X500 4K drone review. Let’s take a look at its capabilities.

Syma is a well-known brand. They are known for their radio-controlled toys, as well as affordable drones that beginner pilots can use. Syma’s newest gem, the Syma X500, is one of their more expensive and advanced options. It is incredibly lightweight and compact and can be used for travel at the cost of just $$$ dollars.

There are many options in this price range, but the Syma X500 is the best because of its fantastic HD camera, GPS, and intelligent flight modes. These are the features of the Syma X500.

Syma X500 Review

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Design and Functionality.

The Syma X500’s unique folding design looks just like other high-end drones on the market. The quadcopter is available in a silver color with foldable arms.

The quadcopter’s top features a power button as well as a brand logo. The coating is made of ABS plastic, which is strong and lightweight.


The drone can be powered by a 7.6v, 1700 mAh lithium polymer battery. This battery can allow the drone to fly for up to 25 minutes. This can vary depending on conditions like weather and flight style.

The good news is that the drone comes with two batteries. This means you can fly it for up to 50 minutes. It is a modular battery, which can be easily changed and won’t cause any harm.

Design and Functionality

Syma X500’s unique foldable design looks just like other high-end drones on the market. The quadcopter is available in a silver color with foldable arms.

The quadcopter’s top features a power button as well as a brand logo. The coating is made of ABS plastic, which is strong and lightweight.

The drone’s body also has air vents to improve aerodynamics. Professionals consider it louder than a brushless motor, but it does the job well. The impeccable design also includes LED lights.

Each motor has four LEDs, and they are placed under the other. They are located at the front and back, respectively. These lights let you see the location of your drone and its orientation.

Qualitative Construction

Syma X500 is made with tough ABS plastic. It is lightweight and durable, thanks to ABS plastic. The unit also has a powerful brushless motor, slightly noisier than a brushless one but is well worth the extra effort. It even includes a storage case to keep it safe while in transit.

[Syma X500] Different Flight Modes:

The X500 drone is designed for beginner drone pilots. It does have a few automatic flight functions such as;

GPS Return Home

This is a critical flight mode that every drone should have. This feature ensures your drone’s safety. This feature ensures that your drone will never be lost. If the drone loses contact with its remote controller, it will turn around and fly home.

It will also return to its original launch spot if connected to GPS by pressing the return home key. The drone will automatically return home if its battery runs out.

Follow me Mode:

This is an exciting flight mode that allows the drone to recognize you and lock onto you. It can also follow you from a reasonable distance. It will increase its speed if you increase your pace.

Gesture Shooting

This is a fun flight mode that allows you to take photos and videos with anyone you are. To show the palm sign to it, it will take photos and videos.

3D Flips

In this Mode, the drone can be rolled to the left, right, and forward. However, flips can drain your battery fast.

Mode of Headless

This function allows the drones to adjust to the pilot’s position. It will adjust itself if you point your nose in the opposite direction while launching the drone.

Oral Mode

In this Mode, you can use the app to open the map and choose a landmark where you want the drone to fly. The drone will circle the landmark and capture footage from different angles when it is launched.

Trajectory Flight Mode

This is very similar to the orbit mode, except that you draw dots along the route you want the drone to follow instead of selecting a landmark. To connect the dots, you can draw a line with your finger. The drone will track the route when it is launched.

One Key Take-off Landing

This key will allow your drone to take off and hover at a certain height. This function is entirely automatic.

Camera of Syma X500

This is a critical feature that almost everyone considers when purchasing a drone. If you are looking to buy a racing drone, a drone that has a low-quality camera is not worth it.

The Syma X500’s promise of 4K quality photography is not fulfilled. It can capture images in 4K, but videos can only be made in 1080p.

The X500 drone isn’t the best for professional-level footage. The camera’s 120-degree field of view allows for detailed shots.

You can adjust the lens up to 90 degrees to capture different angles. These features make this camera a good value for the price.

Photo and Video Quality of Syma X500 Drone

As I mentioned, the description of X500’s 4K camera is misleading. It doesn’t provide the best video and image quality. The camera’s fish-eye effect makes it difficult to record in windy conditions.

Controller and App

The Syma X500 controller is minimalistic and foldable. To give it a more elegant look, the controller can be folded at its bottom. It has a foldable phone holder at the top that allows you to view the camera’s live feed.

There are also buttons to the right. Because they are all identified by simple symbols, the buttons can be easily identified. You must download the app to enable the drone’s intelligent features and first-person view.

Both iOS and Android users can download the app. A few bugs are reported in the app, as is common with drones priced at $$$ dollars. Although your live FPV may freeze occasionally, it will remain stored on the SD card.

Dimensions and Weight

Syma X500 drone is tiny and lightweight. Without the propeller guards, it weighs in at 205g. It weighs in at less than 250 grams, even with the propeller guards. This is great because you don’t need to register it with FAA 2.

To avoid a penalty, make sure you’re familiar with the rules of flying in your country. The drone’s lightweight and portable design makes it ideal for people who travel frequently or are always on the move.

The drone measures 11.8″ x 14.2″ when folded. It folds down to make it easier to carry.

Accessories and Gear

Some of the Syma X500 package accessories include a carrying case that keeps the unit safe when in transit, a USB charging cable for the drone, and another for the transmitter/controller, four spare propellers, and one screwdriver.

These accessories are of great value and will make your drone flying experience worth it.

Drone X500 Price?

The X500 drone is an entry-level model with a reasonable price. Although the price may seem high if you’re a complete beginner, it’s a worthwhile investment. It isn’t the type of drone that you will outgrow.

The Syma X500 drone is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable drone with advanced features. The unit is currently available at a price of $$$ dollars. This is very affordable.

Optical Flow Sensor

The X500 has an optical flow sensor, which helps stabilize the aircraft in areas lacking a GPS signal.

Speed Modes

You can test your flying skills and improve your knowledge with the different speed modes on the drone. The drone can be used with VR headsets to provide a more immersive experience.

Verdict [Syma X500 Review]

It is a great drone with advanced features. However, the overall performance was disappointing, especially considering it is Syma. They will hopefully fix the problems with the drone in the near future. It has excellent potential.

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