MJX Bugs 4W Drone Review: Best Foldable Racing Drone 2023

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MJX Bugs 4W Drone Review:

Although MJX bugs 4W may sound like the brand name for an ATV/UTV, it is a special drone copter’s brand, make, and model name.

For the greater part of the past decade, drones have been useful accessories and toys for business. Drone copters are still entertaining and enjoyable.

If you’re new to remote control drones and drone copters, it is possible to be confused by the various types and the terminology used to describe them.

This article will provide information about drones and the MJX Bugs model. You can then choose a drone/drone copter to get started to find out if this hobby suits you.

MJX Bugs 4W Drone Review | Best Foldable Racing Drone


It’s no longer enough for a drone to have many intelligent flight modes. A drone must also be attractive. The MJX has met this requirement. It looks more professional than other drones from the company.

Many people think it looks similar to the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. You can choose between two options when ordering the drone: black or blue.

The truth is that only a portion of the top will be either black or blue. The drone’s top is covered in a matte black color, and parts are made of ABS plastic.

This makes it lighter and easier to control. It can be challenging to control in windy conditions, however.

In its folded state, the drone measures 45.2×41.7×7 cm. It measures 19.5×11.5×7 cm folded. If you have a larger drone, you can still fit it in your pocket.

The drone’s small size makes it easy to transport. You can carry it around in your backpack, so you don’t miss any opportunities.


Before we get into the technical details of the MJX Bugs 4W, let’s talk about its packaging. This drone has many great features. It also comes with many useful accessories. The drone will be contained in the box.

The drone will come with its remote controller, two batteries, and a case. The MJX company is known for its generous offering of accessories. You will get twice the flight time if you buy two batteries from MJX.

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Flight Time and Battery

The drone’s flight time is another great feature that makes it an excellent competitor on the market. MJX Bugs 4W can stay in the air for over 20 minutes, which is amazing. A 3400 mAh high-quality battery powers it.

The drone also comes with a double battery charging system. The charging device allows you to charge both batteries simultaneously and also features an LED screen that displays whether the battery is full or charging.

We also mentioned that the drone comes with two batteries. These will double your flight time. You will have almost 40 minutes of continuous flight time.

This amount of time is usually only available on higher-end drones, which can be quite expensive. This drone’s incredible strength is its long flight time.

Remote Control

The remote control is well-designed and includes a phone holder. The remote control has two joysticks and three buttons that can be used to make photos, videos and lock the drone. The remote control commands are easy to understand and can be learned quickly.

The LCD in the middle shows all the important information. The LCD shows information about the battery level, altitude and battery level, signal strength, speed, signal strength, GPS mode, and distance against Home Point.

You can make sure your drone is safe with all of this information. It won’t get too far away from you, and it won’t run low on batteries.


The drone’s camera has a 2K Ultra HD resolution with a 2048×1152 pixel resolution. You can move the camera up to 110 degrees. The memory card can hold up to 32GB of photos and videos.

The MJX Bugs 4W camera is a great one. The images are sharp and clear. It pays attention to small details. It adds vibrant colors to images and videos. The camera features a 1-axis stabilizer.

The stabilizer will allow the camera to capture videos and pictures without being shaken. Although it’s not as efficient as a 3-axis stabilizer, it does a great job.

Flying modes:

Follow me mode

This mode allows you to lock the drone’s camera onto a specific object. The drone will follow you as closely as possible and at a constant distance as possible. He will make every effort to provide smooth, enjoyable footage of whatever you request.

Tap Fly

This flight mode is very useful for vloggers. You can also make smooth videos at any time by using this feature. This feature allows you to simply tap the drone in the next direction, and it will fly in that direction.

Point of interest

There is a mode that allows you to set any object as your point of interest. This means the drone will circle that object continuously.

This feature allows you to create some pretty amazing effects and videos without any effort. The settings allow you to change the point of interest at any time.

4-in-1 Responsive Esc

It is basically a speed controller, which makes it easier for the racing aircraft to maneuver. You don’t need to worry about the drone flying at high speeds.

The MJX bug 4W is not for Everyone

This drone copter is cool, but it’s not for everyone. First, it is expensive. This toy is not for children under six years old. A drone that costs close to $300 would be recommended for children aged 14 and above.

You will need to be skilled to use the drone’s advanced features. Only responsible adults should attempt to operate them.

It must be able to fly outside if you want it to meet the FAA’s unmanned aircraft weight and flight restrictions. If you plan to fly the drone outside, you will need a permit.

To obtain a drone license, you must be at least 18 years old. A licensed adult or a minor can accompany the younger person.

A search and rescue team member is the ideal owner. They can use the drone’s amazing features to find injured or lost pets or people trapped in tunnels or crevasses.

A drone enthusiast who has flown many drones and drone copters is an ideal owner. They have enough knowledge and experience to enjoy the MJX Bug 4W. This drone is not for “newbies”.

MJX Bugs 4W vs 5W

The MJX Bugs 5W upgrade from the 4W is available. The 5W is more expensive, but it has a better camera and better stability of the copter in the air. It also has longer battery life. The rest of the features are the same.

The 4W is more suitable if you don’t care about having a 4K or 2K camera and don’t think you will use the drone much. The majority of MJX Bugs 4W reviews will confirm this.

You can check out the great MJX Bugs 5W here:

Tips and Tricks for Using MJX Bugs 4W:

It takes some practice to fly any drone. It takes time to learn how the drone works and how the controls work. These are some tips and tricks that will help you get started.

  • For your first few flights, you will need to fly in areas without power lines or trees. This will protect your drone from accidental damage until you become proficient.
  • Avoid flying the drone near cell phone towers. It might seem like it will boost WiFi signals. But it won’t. Instead, it interferes with signals.
  • You must not use the drone to spy on others or take their photos or videos without their permission. It is illegal and called voyeurism.
  • It would help if you did not fly the drone too fast until comfortable with the controls.
  • It can be flown in your home, but high ceilings are required, and it must not be crashed into walls or people. It can become tangled in the hair, so don’t fly near people.

Conclusion [MJX Bugs 4w]

The MJX Bugs 4W drone is very intelligent and extremely affordable. Although you won’t have the best quality camera, it will not be an issue if you aren’t a professional photographer. You can have a lot of fun with a powerful motor and a long flight time. [Check out other models here]

FAQs about MJX Bugs 4w Drone:

Q: I saw a video that showed how you could change your cam’s resolution from 2k to 1080p. It is not in the software. Does anyone know how to modify resolution?

A: It will automatically change depending on whether you are taking stills or videos. Video will always be 1080px and stills 2kpx.

Q: Why will this drone’s FPV work on an iPhone 7 and not a Samsung Galaxy S9+, please?

A: It’s an issue with the android update. It works great on my Galaxy S10+, as well as my Galaxy S9+. However, there is a communication issue between Bugs Go and android pie.

Q: Does the drone come with a headless mode? It is not listed on their website.

A: It doesn’t

Q: How can I get it to link with my galaxy S9+?

A: The MJX Bugs 4w drone must be compatible with Android 5.0 or above and Apple 8.0 or higher. Check and verify your mobile phone’s version. Please update your mobile phone system if it is not the latest version.

Q: Where can I buy another USB-C cable to charge my bugs?

A: Any USB-C cable can be used.

Q: Is it able to come back after losing the signal?

A: YES! After disconnecting from the transmitter, the MJX Bugs 4w will return to the starting point.
You can also call it back with a push of a button (RTH).

Q: Is it able to return with a low battery?

A: YES! After it has reached about 15% battery, it automatically returns to the beginning point.

This process can be canceled, but geofencing will restrict you to 20m (sometimes it doesn’t work).

Q: What are the Max height and flight laws?

A: The USA’s maximum flying height is 400ft, which is slightly more than 120m.

The Bugs 5w can travel over 100m but not more than 150m, so it’s a good choice.

Q: Is the drone likely to return after reaching Max altitude?

A: The drone will stop at 120m so that it won’t go back down.

Q: Is the footage stable?

A: It is not stabilized by default.

The manufacturer claims that it has stabilized on both the up and down axis.

The image is large enough to be stabilized in post-production.

Q: What are the photos and footage?

A: It can take photos at the same resolution and quality as the video. They look almost like screenshots of the footage.

Q: Is it possible to upgrade the camera?

A: There are no official upgrades, except for the possibility to add an action cam at the bottom.

Q: Which smartphones are compatible with it?

A: Any phone that supports 5g 802.11ac wifi

This frequency is common for all iPhones, although there are exceptions.

You can check the compatibility of your phone by going to the GSM arena. Search for your brand, then go to the specs section. If your phone has 802.11 AC wifi (the AC part), it is essential.

Q: How do you connect (wifi?) to the app?

A: It should be easy to connect to the app.

You can get the JJRCX app from iTunes and the Play store.

The MJX Bugs 4w App also works (called MJX bug GO).

It is important that your phone can connect with the drone’s wifi. Your smartphone must support 802.11ac wifi. This information can be found online by searching for “your phone brand 802.11ac”.

Next, search for the wifi address and then enter the app to see the image.

Q: How to calibrate your GPS before you fly?

A: Important to remember that every flight requires the “GPS calibration” dance.

Once you have bounded the transmitter to your quadcopter, you will need to do the following.

  • Rotate the quad three times clockwise while keeping it parallel to the ground.
  • Three times, while the camera is facing down (perpendicularly to the ground).
  • Keep going until you feel like the lights stop blinking

Q: How can you unlock the motors?

A: Press the red button for one second.

Q: How do you attach the drone to your transmitter?

You can bind the drone by pressing the red button and holding it.

Next, press the on button simultaneously.

Q: How do I change the angle of my camera?

A: This is done by using the scroll wheel located on the top right.

Q: How do I turn on/off the GPS?

A: On the right side, you will find a button. In non-GPS mode, the drone will fly faster.

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