Holy Stone HS720 Review [A Very Elegant Looking Drone]

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Holy Stone HS720 Review:

This drone is an advanced Holy Stone drone that was first released in 2008. It remains trendy on Amazon. You can also find an updated version that includes a 4K camera and electronic image stabilization. It is slightly more expensive, but overall it is a better drone.

Holy Stone HS720 Review | Holy Stone HS720 vs DJI Mavic Mini

DJI is the leader in high-end drones, with tons of advanced features. However, these drones can be very costly, and many people don’t need them.

Smaller drone companies, such as Holy Stone, have offered drones at affordable prices with unique features. The Holy Stone HS720 drone is their most advanced to date. It features an HD camera and GPS-enabled autonomous flight modes.

If you’re looking for an HD camera drone at a low price, the Holy Stone HS720 might be right for you.

What was it that impressed you about Holy Stone HS720:

  • A compact folding drone with a sturdy build and a stylish carry case.
  • Easy to use an app to control advanced features.
  • A well-designed remote control that features an LED display and joystick functions.
  • A decent 2K camera with an adjustable angle.
  • A high-capacity battery with intelligent technology that provides a flight time of more than 25 minutes.
  • All intelligent flying modes (except obstacle avoidance)

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Flying the Holy Stone Drone HS720:

The HS720 comes with a stylish carry case and all the gear required. Simply unzip the bag and unfold your drone. Then, charge the battery and turn it on.

Get Off

All drones can take off and land in one key, except for the most expensive ones. However, the HS720 drone takes off and lands quickly and smoothly.

The HS720 drone will automatically return to you via GPS if the battery charge is low or the control signal goes out.

The drone cannot avoid obstacles when flying alone, but it will reach a height of approximately 30 meters before returning.

You can activate the emergency stop by pressing a button on your remote.

Intelligent Flight

Follow-me or Orbit mode will direct the camera to you or an object of your interest to track all the action. Powerful motors power Holy Stone HS720 drone. It can run at high speed, making it possible for you to follow your running, cycling, or driving.

You can track a route by creating waypoints in the app that the drone will follow.

Intelligent processing of signals from GPS, optical, and gravity sensors allows for hovering. This is useful for aerial photography.

An Eye in the Sky

HD photography using a 2k camera with adjustable angle and shock absorption creates excellent stills and videos that can be saved to a micro SD Card.

Streaming video in the first-person view over 5G Wi-Fi is possible, provided you are within range. The split-screen view can be switched to if you have a suitable 3D mask to hold your phone.

An intelligent, high-capacity battery can allow for long flight times of over 25 minutes.

Flight Control

The ergonomic remote control can be used to lock/unlock the propellers, record photos, adjust the camera angle, set low and high speeds, toggle drone lights, and turn on the GPS mode.

You can enable left-handed controls, which will reverse the joystick functions.

The remote has an LED display that displays the distance and altitude of HS720s, signal strength, GPS link, battery level, and mode status.

An app for Android or Apple smartphones can be downloaded to allow you to control flight and advanced modes using a live view from your smartphone’s camera.

While you learn the controls, HS720 drones can be kept in a safe flight mode.

These are the flight options:

Custom flight path

The app allows you to draw a route, and the drone will follow it.

Follow me

The drone can be locked to you, and it will follow your movements. However, this model requires you to be within the drone’s proximity to enable the drone to work. If you’re hiking or cycling your bike, this is an excellent way of recording yourself.

Orbit Mod

This mode will allow you to lock the drone to the point of interest, and it will orbit the location from the height and distance you have set in the app. This mode is excellent for taking hands-free selfies while on vacation.

Return home with one key

This is an awesome safety feature that many drones have. You can return the drone to the point it was flying from by simply pressing a button. This feature is handy, especially if you feel you are losing control.

This feature activates automatically when the battery is low, or the connection is lost to the drone. This reduces the chance of your drone being stolen during a flight.


It was difficult to criticize the Holy Stone drone. However, we need to be realistic about it and remember that this is not a high-end drone. The lens has twice the resolution of entry-level drones.

Designers attempted to control video shake using brushless motors, shock absorption, and other methods. You will need to spend more money to get professional-grade 4K photography and video stabilization.

Design Features of the Holy Stone Drone HS720

Let’s have a closer look at how the Holy Stone HS720 drone is built.

What is included in the package?

You get spare parts, a USB cable, a charging station, and an intelligent case. Two AA batteries and a USB wall charger are not included.

Although the Holy Stone HS720 drone is very sturdy, it can weigh nearly half a kilo without a battery. The drone folds down very compactly, making it easy to carry around in a backpack.

Brushless motors have a lower noise level, longer flight times, and higher power output. Prop guards are not available, so you need to be extra careful when flying indoors or around obstacles.

A complete set of spare propellers and a matching screwdriver are included in the package.

How do you control the Holy Stone HS720 Drone?

You can use the remote to control all functions of your HS720 drone. The matching app and the live video view will give you more functionality on your smartphone.

The remote’s LED-integrated display displays basic telemetry information, such as the number of GPS satellites, their signal strength and the signal strength of the drone and remote connection, and the respective battery charges.

How does the camera work?

The 2K (2048x1152P) camera records directly onto an onboard microSD card (not included). It also transmits video at a lower quality for live streaming via the smartphone app. The lens offers a 110-degree field of view. The remote control can be used to adjust the viewing angle by pressing a button.

How are the Batteries Charged?

The box contains one battery and a charger that can hold two additional batteries. This may be a good idea as the charge time for these high-capacity batteries is about 5-7 hours.

The drone’s lights will start flashing slowly, and an audible alarm will sound when the battery is almost dead. The battery is almost entirely dead when the visual and audible signals are increasing in frequency.

Review of Product

We also reviewed real user experiences in this Holy Stone drone review. The majority of owners of this model are satisfied or even raving lovers. However, there have been some reports that the manufacturing issues may need to be returned.

We have not heard of any complaints regarding poor customer service. Holy Stone drones generally have an excellent reputation.

The HS720 drone’s ease of use, controller, and battery life are all very well-received. Also, the folding design and carrying case are highly appreciated.

FAQs about Holy Stone HS720:

Can You Trim the Quadcopter?

Propeller trimming is not allowed.

What is an emergency stop?

Yes, hold down the key near the left joystick for three seconds.
Is it available with video stabilization?

The shock absorption feature is built into the camera holder.

Can you change the angle of your camera in flight?

To adjust the angle of the camera, there is a button at the back.

Is there a warranty?

Holy Stone offers warranty returns on models purchased directly from Amazon.
Where can you buy it?

Amazon has the Holy Stone Drone HS720.

Where to register your drone in USA?

You can check out here.

Our Verdict

This review of the Holy Stone HS720 drone is a solid recommendation. You would need to spend much more money to buy a better drone. The quality of the drone, its flight controls, and the app are all excellent.

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